There is a long and interesting history to a tantric massage while its contemporary version crystallised in the 20th century, the history of tantra actually spans a much longer timeframe. Though usually thought of as an erotic service, its origins suggest that its primary purpose has always been healing first and foremost. So how does the erotic aspect enter the equation? Read on and find out more!

Originally, tantric massage developed around the premise of bodily energy

Medicine in the ancient China and India was not always accessible, so the doctors and healers had to look for alternative, natural ways of healing. They concluded that energy and its free flow is central to our wellbeing and health. This energy, or vital force, which I known ac Chi or Qi in China can slow down, be weakened or start building up too much as a result of stress and negative feelings, which in turn causes even more stress and negativity, if not an outright illness. Thus a special massaging techniques with the aim of getting the energy to flow freely again havebeen developed.

Medicine has made a huge stride since then, yet this massage is still in vogue

Tantric massage has lasted for centuries, though there are hundreds of other ways to relieve stress and pressure nowadays. Yet this exotic stimulation did not lose traction. There is a never ending supply of customers visiting massage salons all over the world with the aim of getting the real tantric experience. Some of those salons openly advertise themselves as erotic massage salons and it’s known that the way tantra approaches the sexual aspect is not really prudish. Many people now don’t hesitate to directly correlate tantra and sex. But is it always the case?

The erotic aspect is not always a mainstay

While sexuality is a vital aspect of human existence and tantra gladly works with sexual energies and doesn’t shy from stimulating the intimate parts, there are countless tantric techniques that don’t include any form of erotic stimulation at all. Likewise, there are countless salons where you would be refused a treatment of erotic nature.

Of course the sexuality is not neglected either

The philosophy from which tantra stems treats the body as a sacred vessel, which must be treated with respect, but not withshame, which has no place in the approach towards it. The procedure is typically performed fully naked, though it’s of course optional to cover yourself. Central to the tantric approach are the terms “lingam” and “yoni” which are correlated with the penis and the vagina and are viewed as important and sacred cosmic energy centres, whose stimulation is a ritualistic paying of respect that is due.

Still, don’t overestimate the erogenous stimulation

This procedure is a holistic one after all, and caters to the body as a whole, not just to its private parts. There are many non-erotic aspects to it, from deep breathing exercises to a mantric chanting, and the way it works with the erotic suggests that a quick release is not the aim here. On the contrary – the erotic stimulation is prolonged and cleverly delayed, teaching you how to control yourselves and your urges and not giving in to them. The techniques it employs are numerous – there are apparently hundreds of moves, strokes and kneads a professional in this field is supposed to master. So, to view this massage as a mere handjob with a quick rubdown on top would be very misleading, believe us! Additionally, its benefits transcend a mere erotic satisfaction by a wide margin, but that’s a story for another time.

So, to sum it up:

  • Tantric massage has origins that are thousands of years old
  • It intends to work with energy flow throughout the body
  • Its popularity has not waned – on the contrary
  • Often sought for its erotic properties, it can nevertheless be entirely non-erotic
  • The sexual aspect of it is typified by the “lingam” and “yoni” rituals
  • It teaches you to master your passions and urges
  • The overall procedure is beneficial for the body as a whole

If you think of tantra, how big a role the sexual aspect plays in your perception of it? Would you opt for a treatment that incorporates erotic stimulation or not? Why do you think it plays such a role in the overall scheme of things? Discuss below in the comments.