Almost all poker online players have a couple of poker buddies who have the same passion and skills. They gather on the weekend, enjoy their favorite beer and snacks and play nonstop. Well, to them money is not an issue because they play for fun. Pride and ego do come while playing because nobody wants to lose here. So, next time when they meet the game becomes more fun and competitive. No matter whether you win or lose with your buddies, surely you will have a good time together.

Poker online

Even though they are far from you livebet88 lets you enjoy the same intensity as you do. Luckily, you can make more new poker buddies. However, most of them are bluffs and looser. It’s easy to beat them and gain some luck. And of course, money!

Check out these tips to beat those online buddies

Bet with stronger hands

Standard games make tougher to get the best from the stronger hands. Hence, you play slow or bet low to get at least something from the bets. On the other hand, most of the players play too cautiously that their best hands turn out to be waste. However, try to put pressure on your buddies to win more. On the flop and pre-flop are two best conditions when you get a large pot.

Say No to bluff

There is no logic behind bluffing even though you play online. Many players think that others are not watching them so they try bluff techniques on them. Even though you should be careful as some of them may have a decent hand.

Not every pot is good

It’s stupidity to play for every pot in-game. Don’t act like others instead analyze your game and avoid making mistakes. Furthermore, not every pot is good for competing.

These tips will make your game more interesting with poker buddies at situs poker online.