Obviously, most people visiting the Czech capital will rush through the main tourist attractions and things such massage parlours in Prague escape their attention completely. That is understandable – you can get a massage anywhere, right? That may be true, but what if the massage was of the erotic kind? Places that offer those are few and far in between – but you can find them in Prague if you know where to look… Should you decide to visit, we’ve compiled this little guide to make sure nothing can surprise you there!

Massage parlours in Prague – we mean those with an added value, but not in that way!

Yes, we said erotic massage parlours, but erotic is not a codeword for a brothel, if that’s what you had in mind. You can forget about getting direct sex – not even oral – at these kinds of places. With that said, your private parts will get their due – the so-called “happy ending” is a firm part of the whole “package” of services you can indulge in there. (If you’re unsure what a “happy ending means, here is a quick rundown on the term.) Other than that, you can, of course, expect many types of genuine massages that are not only sexually riveting, but also professionally delivered – they are not just a cheap backdrop for your “happy ending”…

Sounds interesting – so, how do I book?

You have basically three options:

  •   Making a direct visit to the parlour and asking for a massage. A bold move, though not always welcome in every salon of this kind – some prefer a notice in advance. In addition, the girls working there may not be available at the moment. A much safer option would be either an incall or an outcall…
  •   Incall option – announcing your visit in advance, at a certain time. Stating which kind of massage would you like to receive and by which therapist. Then you just have to drop by and everything will be prepared!
  •   Outcall option – Most salons will have this option – you can order an escort directly to your home or a hotel room. Pick a massage, a therapist, the time at which you wish to be visited, state your address and you can just lay back and wait!

Once I’m in, what’s going to happen?

The massage parlours like this are very discrete. You ring the bell, the door will open and you’ll be greeted by a receptionist. You may be asked to present your ID (don’t worry, any personal information you provide will be eventually discarded), and if all’s in order, you’ll be introduced to your masseuse. Before the massage itself, it is customary to shower. Afterwards, a comfy private room, in which all will take place, awaits… When all is done, you simply pay up (remember, cash is always preferable), and bid your masseuse farewell – till next time.

Sounds easy enough, but how will the massage itself proceed?

It depends entirely on what’s on the “menu”. Some massages are just like the regular ones – with a “happy ending” added, if you will. Others may be slightly more exciting – for example the so-called Nuru features close body contact, with the masseuse’s naked body rubbing and grinding against yours. Tantric procedure, on the other hand, is much more relaxing, meditative and mystical. Standard, nuru and tantric are staple features of basically all salons of this kind in Prague. Other procedures you may encounter are for example soapy, Hawaiian or Thai massages – the possibilities are basically endless. Find out more about different massage types here. Many parlours also offer bonus services with each massage, such as prostate stimulation, lap dance, and more…

That was a short introduction into what kind of massage parlours you can find in Prague and what do they actually do. Who knows, perhaps you’d be interested in making a visit one day as well…

How is the erotic massage business in your country? What about its legality? Do you have any personal experience with this “industry”? Of what kind? Leave a comment – we appreciate it!